About PhDog and Friends

Kaitlyn is a PhD candidate and a Teaching Fellow in the English Department at UNT. When she adopted her dog, Gary, and moved into a super pet-friendly apartment complex, she didn't realize she would end up walking three-four dogs sometimes for neighbors and friends. As she was having fun walking three of her favorite pups and worrying about how to pay rent over the summers when TFs aren't paid, it occurred to her that maybe she should start making money doing what she loves even when she's not teaching! 

A dog person at heart, Kaitlyn loves hanging out with her clients' dogs. She is always ready to have a snuggle or take a walk with a friendly pup! 

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With us, it's definitely not just about making money. Kaitlyn just really enjoys the opportunity to take care of some sweet pups. Gary is an only child who loves having friends to snuggle and play with, so PhDog and Friends is good for our whole family. 


If you're looking for more information on our pack to see whether or not you would be a good fit, you can contact us, visit our instagram page, or check out our reviews on Rover

Our Pack

Although this is technically a one-human business, we wouldn't be able to succeed without the whole pack's support!


PhDog Mom


 Belly Rub Expert



Official Greeter

Marketing Manager


Assistant PhDog

Treat Tester

The Pack Nose


Regular Client

Morale Officer

Aki's Mom

PhDog Roommate (also PhD)

Secondary Caregiver

Professional Ear Scratcher


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