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Unveiling Providence LLC is a company that provides various services and opportunities to improve the lives of its clients. From personal organizing to life coaching to pet care, our businesses offer clients guidance and support to improve their lives from inside out. Rooted in Christian spirituality and a belief in non-judgmental life revision, we seek to empower our clients with tools to gently, yet concretely transform the areas of life which they seek to heal.

What does this look like? 

Each of our businesses supports and fulfills a variety of client needs. For more information, see below. 


Sanctuary Revising

Sanctuary Revising offers personal organization consulting, coaching, and personal collection archiving to assist clients in organizing all areas of their life, from online content and digital files to home organization and collection maintenance. 

Life (Re) Claimed

Life (Re) Claimed is focused on Ari's journey from trauma into reclaiming her life and living as her authentic self. Check out this blog about a life filled with dancing in the face of our fears.  

Spiritual Uprising

Spiritual Uprising is a Christian-focused business that seeks to help readers to unveil providence in daily life. Originally a magazine, Spiritual Uprising's main offering right now is our wonderful guided meditations. 

PhDog and Friends

Currently primarily a dog sitting, boarding, and walking business through Rover, PhDog and Friends is a growing project that focuses on dog care and training as well as celebrating the joys of pet ownership. Named for Ari's service dog, Gary, also known as the PhDog, we hope to eventually release a written project detailing the many adventures that the PhDog pack has had. 


When you were little, did you have a hard time deciding what to be when you grew up? Yeah, me too. So, I decided to do all the things.

In my past life chapters, I have been a drama geek, an obnoxious teenager, a world traveler, a youth minister, a Domer (#lovetheenotredame), a campus minister, a magazine editor, a doll maker, a farmer, an almost nun, and a fountain pen addict. Today, I continue my trend of taking on way too many things but kicking ass in all of them by working as an educator in English composition and literature and also being a writer, blogger, artist, calligrapher, PhD candidate in Xicana literature, planner addict, organizing coach and consultant, friend, daughter, mentor, and, most importantly, the dog mom to the cutest and most brave service dog in the world, Gary. It may seem like I have too much going on, but three years ago I received the opportunity to take a second chance on life and I’m planning to rock it.

I have accepted the fact that life may not often make sense, so I try to break the mold as much as possible. I’m a white rural Missouri farm girl who is getting a PhD in Xicana literature and focusing my research on bridging communities and breaking boundaries. I’m planning to be a career teacher and I have purple hair, make planner stickers, and organize people’s lives as a hobby. If any of that interests you, here’s how you can follow, reach, hire, or (if it’s really what you want to do) avoid me:

If you need me, I’ll be at the local coffee shop grading papers. Come by and give Gary a belly rub. #gomeangreen #phdlife #phdoglife

Oh, and if you want a more traditional bio to read about me (because you have nothing else to do), you can find that here.

Pictures to the left feature me and Gary. 

All photos by Heidi Cephus, Ph.D. 

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